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Carlos Rebolo | Dos pesos de cimento ao ouro e à glória eterna

Carlos Rebolo | Dos pesos de cimento ao ouro e à glória eterna
Bernardo Lourenco
Escritor6 anos Atrás
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"I've won the Worlds twice. One of which I won the Overall, the Arnold Classic Europe three times in a row, the European Championship and the Mediterranean Championship"


"It takes immeasurable willpower"


1.How do you continue to breathe that passion and manage the issue of constant overcoming to stay at the top?

I continue to breathe this passion as if it were my first training session and I will always do it “until the voice gets tired”, like the fado told by Amália Rodrigues.


2.Mind and body?

For me there is no underlying hierarchy.They are both important because the overcoming that is necessary to remain competitive requires immeasurable willpower.


I've met athletes who had everything to be competitive, but ended up giving up because they didn't have the "head" to withstand the adversity of training, day after day, year after year and decade after decade.

"This is an ultramarathon, not a sprint!"


3.How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for a competition?

I don't prepare myself physically and mentally for a competition. Of course, in preparation, the conditions are much more demanding, but for me it's a matter of adapting the diet, training, rest, etc. as the preparation proceeds.


4. How do you differentiate your feed from competition to off-season?

Right now my diet doesn't make much difference from competition to off-season. Only the quantities vary, of course.Fundamentally, I adjust the amounts of food as I progress in preparing for a test.Of course, when I'm not in competition the amounts vary for more food, but generally speaking, I like both in competition and out of competition.

“Because haste is the enemy of perfection”


5.Plans for the future?

Not competing for now, not this year, maybe next year, because since 2004 I've been competing three or four races a year and I have to stop!! I've already won the Worlds twice.One of which I won the Overall, the Arnold Classic Europe three times in a row, the European Championship, the Mediterranean Championship, so it was time to make a stop for next year we'll see????.Find out more about our ambassador in this exclusive interview

6. Advice for those who want to get into this sport?

Above all, don't be in a hurry “because hurry is the enemy of perfection” and above all be loyal to your coaches and don't think you already know everything! This is an ultramarathon, not a sprint!


7.How do you reconcile your personal life with bodybuilding?

This after a while becomes a way of life and for me there is no incompatibility.


Apaixonado por content marketing e por futebol. Criar conteúdo com elevada qualidade e que faça os leitores querer voltar ao blog todos os dias é o meu maior objectivo. É o que me guia todos dias. Conseguir criar uma experiência imersiva e duradoura com os leitores seria como marcar um golo da final de uma competição europeia!